Pat Patterson and Louis Rosenberg are self-avowed serial entrepreneurs. We’ve both worked in the corporate world, and have owned our own businesses and discovered our true passion in retaining the independence which allows us the greatest degree of creativity. We don’t spend half our time worrying about what our boss or our boss’s boss thinks of our performance.

Our clients are our bosses! It’s that simple. Our clients are small to medium sized local companies that value SMS as an outsourced “team member.”

We have walked in the moccasins of business owners who have limited time, cash flow, but unlimited expectations. We know that there is constant pressure to grow your business by increasing lead generation, then lead conversion relative to revenue and, most importantly, to profit.

A small business must rely on outside expertise that doesn’t increase overhead that only serves to change your business focus from growth to survival. We’ll keep the focus on growth!


We are thrilled to be a part of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network. This exclusive network of 125 worldwide consultants delivers a customized, turn-key system with over 20 years of proven success employing analytics and verified case studies.

Let Systematic Marketing Solutions show you how DTM has delivered Simple, Effective, and Affordable solutions for companies worldwide!


Whether it’s a multi-faceted and multi-purposed marketing piece or a quick e-mail alert, they always provide fresh and organized designs that highlight all our messaging points. So experienced and business-savvy that it didn’t take them long to grasp our business model, marketing goals, key message points and graphic identity. Plus I enjoy working with them.

Susan Jennings | VP Corporate
Communications & Marketing I EdR

I have had the pleasure of working with Pat and Louis for the last 20 years and find them to be among the most professional and talented people I have ever dealt with. Their ability to handle all things creative including graphic design, photography, and copy. Over the years they have helped us develop an excellent array of marketing support including brand identity, advertisements, POS, packaging, strategic planning and more. They have completed the work quickly, effectively and always meet timetables and budgets. I would highly recommend them for any creative work.

Tom Bandler | Sr. Director Corporate Marketing | Stratas Foods LLC

Working with Pat & Louis and their team provided an amazing array of creative solutions in a friendly working relationship that grew overtime to more of a partnership. The true value in the relationship was the customer response and revenue gains! My team highly recommends them to anyone in need of marketing solutions! I look forward to the next opportunity to work with them again in the future!

William Maroon | VP Sales and Marketing TOPRx, Inc.